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As the movie industry of Bollywood, Tollywood, & other platforms is growing, more and more amazing movies are released frequently. People nowadays prefer watching movies & shows from the convenience of their homes. Theatres are still visited but there has been seen a decrease in the population of frequent cinema visitors.

A striking reason for this change is the Covid-19. People prefer being safe by watching their entertainment from home at the time of their choosing. Bolly2tolly is a popular medium for Hindi, Malayalam, & many other language movie lovers. Here you can browse any movies of your interest & download them easily on your device for viewing. This article will outline the features of Bolly2tolly and tell you if it is safe to use or not.

More About Bolly2tolly me

Bolly2tolly me


Bolly2tolly is an Indian website that arranges a huge assortment of movies from illegal and pirated sources. These pirated movies are displayed on the website for downloading illegally as they are not given rights by the creators of the movies. You can easily download the torrent file of any movie you wish to see.

Users can pick movies that pique their interest from the large collection of movies on this website. The website contains movies in many languages that include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, & much more. This website can be easily visited through the internet, however, the domain of this website frequently changes as the government has imposed laws that ban these websites.

The below domain links are still valid that will redirect you to the Bolly2tolly website.

Pros of Bolly2tolly Website

Bolly2tolly is unique from many other pirated movie websites because of some great features it has. Firstly, you get a very clean & user-friendly interface to browse your favorite movies and download them. The loading rate of the website is also fast as it uses strong hosting to quickly load the pages for viewing.

Another interesting feature of Bolly2tolly is that you have the freedom to either download the latest movies or stream them on the website right away. A streaming link is always provided along with the download link.

If you wish to read more information about a particular movie you haven’t heard of before, you can know it easily. It requires you to click on the movie card that will unleash all of the necessary information about the movie such as the length, year of release, user rating, number of views, and much more.

For easy surfing, the website has arranged all of its movies in categories for user ease. Additionally, movies are arranged in alphabetical order for easily tracking down the intended movies. Visitors can download movies of any quality they wish. From high definition to low quality, you can download the movies according to the specifications of your device and internet connection.

There is also a very useful feature on this website, which is the search option. From the search icon, you can easily search for your favorite movies to find out if they are featured on Bolly2tolly or not.

Cons of Bolly2tolly: Is It Safe to Use?

Firstly, it is important to know the source from which this website earns its revenue. As it is evident that all the movies on this website are free to watch and download with no registration or subscription fees charges from users. Hence, the only source of income for Bolly2tolly is on-page advertisements and pop-up advertisements. These are annoying ads that pop up anytime while you are using the website.

These ads redirect you to third-party sources as affiliate links. Bolly2tolly earns revenue by hosting these advertisements on its website. These ads may be from illegal or unethical sources of which we know nothing about. Your data could be easily stolen through these websites for monetary benefits, hence it is better to use a VPN while viewing such sites.

However, is this website even legal to use? Absolutely no. As we mentioned above that this website hosts pirated movies from unidentified sources that are not bought from the valid distributors of the movie. A lot of effort goes into creating original content. These pirated websites totally sabotage the benefits gained from the movies. People no longer buy tickets for the cinemas as these pirated websites already have these movies on their sites.

Hence, it is advised to only watch movies from trusted and legal sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others.



Info-Tech Share never recommends its users to watch movies from these pirated websites. This article was written solely for informational purposes. Feel free to comment down below your views regarding these pirated websites that are ruining the movie industry.

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