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organize your keys

Got lots of keys to manage? Whether you’re looking to keep them organized or just want something to keep them out of sight, wall key holders are a great way to go! They can be hung in plain sight or hidden away, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Here are some of our favorites from the wide range of options available online!

6 Tips to Keep Your Keys Organized

  1. Make sure the location where you store your keys is easy to find.

    2. Store them in the same place every time so they don’t get lost in the shuffle of daily life.

    3. Keep them on one key ring or in one place so that you know where they are when you need them most.

    4. Use hooks, not nails, to avoid damaging walls with protruding nails and hooks.

    5. Use adhesive strips (like Command Strips) instead of tacks or staples because they won’t damage walls like traditional methods do.

    6. Utilize large binder clips as an alternative method for hanging keys if you want more freedom with how you organize your keys while still using something lightweight that won’t damage your walls.

The Best Ways To Store Your Keys Around The House

Organizing keys can be a pain, especially if you have more than one set. Keys are often lost or misplaced due to the lack of space in pockets and purses. With key holder for wall, you can store all of your keys in one place that is organized, easy-to-find, and stylish. From decorative key racks to simple hooks, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to store your keys around the house. Below are some of our favorite key holder for wall: 

*This DIY marble and wood holder is the perfect balance of rustic chic. *The brass bicycle chain necklace from Etsy makes it so you never lose your keys again.

*For a polished look, try this colorful key hanger from CB2. 

*And for the person who doesn’t like clutter, this acrylic magnetic strip is ideal because it takes up no room on the floor but still holds plenty of keys.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Key Holder For Wall

A key holder is an easy way to be efficient with storage, while also adding a decorative touch. It’s great for keeping keys close by so you don’t have to search through bags or pockets when you’re running late. Plus, they can be used in any space, from the kitchen on up. So if you’re looking for a new piece of art or simply want more space in your entryway, check out some of these key holders for wall. 

Why You Should Use a Key Holder For Wall: Not only do key holder add aesthetic appeal to your home décor, but they also help declutter areas that are typically cluttered. Not sure where to place yours? Consider using it in one of these spots instead.

How To Choose The Right Key Holder For Wall

Wall mounted key holders are the best of both worlds, they offer easy access to your keys while being stylish enough that you can keep them out in plain sight. Here are some things you should consider when looking for the right one: 1) What kind of wall will it be on 2) Where will you store your keys 3) How many hooks do you need 4) What type of metal do you want 

2) If space is limited, then think about where will store the key holder. Do I want it attached to my desk or table, or near the door so I have quick access when I come home? 3) You’ll need to decide how many hooks you’ll need.

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