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Mbc2030 Live Dashboard

Action and fighting games are very famous and popular among people. There are many types of fighting sports that people like to watch or play. These games and sports are a great way of enjoying the time. 

One of the most popular sport games from the Philippines is the Sabong or cock fighting. This game is very popular and has traditional and cultural value among the people of the Philippines. The game of Sabong is played in licensed derbies and cockpits and the matches and tournaments are organized by a government organization called PAGCOR. 

Sabong is a game that has been around for many centuries and only recently the cock fighting games are being live streamed on various websites for the convenience of the fans and viewers. 

An innovation in the game of Sabong is the Mbc2030 Live, which is a platform that besides offering live Sabong matches also offers virtual Sabong games in which viewers can participate and win huge cash prizes. 

Take a peek here in this article about the Mbc2030 Live and also know how the Mbc2030 Live Dashboard works. 

What is the Mbc2030 Live? 

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Mbc2030 Live is an online platform where users can watch Sabong or cock fighting matches broadcasted live from the Philippines. The cock fighting matches are held in licensed derbies and cockpits. These games are organized under the supervision of the government-based organization, PAGCOR

Besides offering free broadcasting of live Sabong matches, Mbc2030 Live also offers users to participate in the virtual game of Sabong that is hosted by the platform itself. Any user of the website can participate and play this game. Even if you are not interested in playing the game yourself, you can choose to stake your money on the winning player and win a huge cash prize when your selected player wins. 

The Virtual game of Sabong is also liked by many users and Mbc2030 Live receives constant traffic on the website due to this reason. Some people are not interested in the Original Sabong game, as it poses some level of animal cruelty, because of which people try to avoid being part of this game. 

On the other hand, virtual Sabong game on Mbc2030 Live does not involve any type of animal cruelty due to which it is highly popular and liked sport game. For people who avoid getting involved in any type of animal cruelty, but like the concept of cock fighting, this online virtual Sabong game is the best option to play and enjoy. 

Difference between Traditional Sabong and Virtual Sabong 

Traditional Sabong and online Sabong are a lot different from each other. Let’s see the difference in each of these variations of the game in detail: 

Traditional Sabong 

  • Involves real cocks and roosters 
  • The cock and roosters are trained by professionals 
  • Only licensed derbies and cockpits can participate in the game 
  • It is the traditional game of the Philippines 
  • The matches and tournaments are only held in the Philippines 
  • The traditional Sabong is banned and restricted in many countries 
  • The game involves animal cruelty at some level 
  • The cocks and roosters are often hurt and injured 
  • The game is broadcasted live on various online platforms 
  • Users can also bet on their favourite cock and derbies through these platforms 
  • The games are organized by government organization called PAGCOR 
  • All the decisions regarding the traditional Sabong games are regulated under the supervision of PAGCOR 

Virtual Online Sabong 

  • The virtual sabong does not need any cocks and rooster to play the game 
  • The game is designed and hosted online 
  • Multiple players can participate in the game 
  • To play this game, you do not need any type of license or registration 
  • The matches are held on online platform of Mbc2030 Live  
  • The virtual sabong game is not banned and restricted in any country 
  • The virtual version of Sabong game does not involve any sort of animal cruelty 
  • Anyone that is registered on the Mbc2030 Live website can participate in the game 
  • Users can also win cash prizes by betting on virtual sabong games 
  • The virtual sabong game is depiction of the original traditional sabong game 
  • No experience is required to play this virtual game 

How to Perform Mbc2030 Live Dashboard Login? 

Logging onto the MBC2030 live dashboard is very easy and you can easily carry out the process. Simply follow the instructions stated in the steps below to access MBC2030 live dashboard. 

  • Open your browser  
  • Search for MBC2030 live on Google and click on the website link 
  • Fill in your username and password in the required space 
  • After filling out the necessary information, click on the login button 
  • Once done registering on the website, you will be redirected to the Mbc2030 Live Dashboard 

What is the Mbc2030 Live Dashboard and How does it Work? 

The MBC2030 live Dashboard is an online platform that allows users to experience live online sabong matches as well as virtual sabong games. Using the Mbc2030 Live Dashboard, users will get all the information they need about upcoming events, games and tournaments. 

If you don’t want to use the Mbc2030 live Dashboard, you can still follow the Mbc2030 live team on social media platforms like Facebook. You can also receive all types of updates and information of the games and matches on these social media platforms. 

Features Of Mbc2030 Live Dashboard 

The Mbc2030 Live Dashboard is very convenient for users to get all the updates and information of the live sabong matches as well as other tournaments. The dashboard of the website is very well designed and user friendly and works with a simple interface. 

Mbc2030 Live Dashboard provides all the information you need under a single roof about the famous traditional game of Sabong. 


The Mbc2030 Live is an online platform where hundreds of users are registered to watch and participate in the game of Sabong. The website even allows users to win huge cash prizes by betting on their favourite player and cocks. 

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