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Info Tech Share is a platform that is determined to provide the latest business, health and technology news directly to the people craving for the information on the topic. On our platform you will be presented with information on a diverse range of niches that are well-researched and accurate. 

Info Tech Share Privacy Policy 

Here, at Info Tech Share, your concern about the privacy of your usage of the website is our priority. The privacy policy of our website states on how our website collects, uses, discloses and stores data for better serving our readers. 

Whenever someone visits our website or interacts with us in any way, our privacy policy becomes valid. Though the privacy of our readers is one of the main priorities of our website.  

The main reason to collect any information about the reader is to enhance their experience on our website while providing them with the best possible content according to their taste and preference. 

Our team is dedicated to providing you the best content while protecting your privacy. We are sure to provide you 100% satisfaction when it comes to your privacy and personal information. 

Be mindful that our privacy policy is only applicable when you are voluntarily sharing your information on our website. Any link to the third-party websites and information leaks through those websites are not applicable to the privacy policy of Info Tech Share. 

Data Collection  

We are determined to collect personal information of the users of our website in order to make their next visits on our website much better.  

If you are contacting us and voluntarily providing us with your information, we make sure to make it private and never leak your personal information to any other platforms. 

When you register on our website, you will be asked to voluntarily provide us with some of your personal information like name, email address, contact information and physical address. This information is voluntarily provided to us and will be used only with your consent. 

Beside collecting the information that you provide us, our website will also be collecting other information like IP address, online IDs, signatures and your geographical location. 

We would also like to always remind our readers that any connection they bring forth to the website in form of any comment or remarks, will be publicly available and does not fall under the privacy policy of our website. 

How We Use The Information 

The data and information that we collect are used for the benefit of the reader. 

  • It makes the website and its services easily accessible 
  • Help improve your experience on the website 
  • Help us present you with ads that may interest you 


Cookies are used by most of the websites nowadays. By using cookies, our website is gathering the information of your visit on our website. This helps us in providing you with better experience for your future visits on Info Tech Share. 

Cookies are a good way to customize each visit of the user with preferable content and advertisements. 

Third Parties 

Like any other website, Info Tech Share is also associated with third-party websites. We are bringing this to the clear that our privacy policy is not applicable for any third-party websites that you visit from Info Tech Share. 

If you are visiting any third-party website, keep in mind that the privacy will be governed by the website’s own privacy policy. 


By using the website of Info Tech Share, you give your consent to our privacy policy and agree to the terms that are part of it. 

Contact Us 

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