Write for Us – Cryptocurrency, Business, and Pet Guest Post Opportunities!

Info Tech Share is always open to welcome new talents on board with us. If you are good with words and know how to place them to form a beautiful piece of work, then we at Info Tech Share would like you to join our team and write for us. 

Write For Us Program 

The Write For Us program at the Info Tech Share requires you to join our team if you are capable of providing unique and intriguing blog posts that captivates the attention of the readers. 

Everyone in this world has a unique personality and it is reflected in the work that we perform. Similarly, writing is a task that reflects the person’s personality and uniqueness, which is what we crave at Info Tech Share. 

We believe everyone can contribute to this world in their own way, and if you are willing to serve with your words, we will be happy to embrace you as a team member. You can join Info Tech Share as a guest post writer and try your hands in the field of writing. 

We are accepting blog articles in the niches mentioned below. Feel free to hit us up with whichever suits you best. 

  • Business  
  • Pet 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Sports 
  • Home Decor
  • Education
  • Health
  • Latest News 
  • Entertainment 
  • Food 
  • Travel 

As you can see from the list above, we cover a lot of niches and have a diverse platform that attracts all types of readers. You can choose any of the mentioned topics that you are comfortable with to write your first guest post on our website. 

Important Pointers For Guest Writers 

Follow the pointers mentioned below to create an article according to the standards and requirements of our website: 

  • Write an article with no less words than 750 
  • Add links to your article for the source of your research 
  • Make sure that the tone you choose for the article is easy to understand 
  • Try to use passive voice as less as possible 
  • Try to write shorter sentences instead of longer ones 
  • The content should be unique and plagiarism free 
  • Use keywords as they are important for blog posts 
  • Use the keyword intent correctly 
  • The correct keyword density should be used 
  • The content should be creative 
  • Carry out extensive research before writing the content 
  • Choose a current topic that is trending and the readers will find interesting 
  • Create a content that is free from grammatical errors and contains perfect sentence structures 

Guidelines for Write For Us Program 

If you are willing to take the matters further and give writing to us a shot, then we advise that you closely follow the guidelines we are going to discuss below in order to get your post accepted by our editors. 

Guest writers are suggested to produce a well-researched content that is free from grammatical errors and provide to the point information. Make sure that the content that you provide is 100% unique and does not have any plagiarism. 

Whenever you are applying to be the editor of our website, make sure to be precise with your words, do not include irrelevant stories and only add a short intro about basic information about yourself. We do not need to hear about the one time that you almost got a writing job but missed the opportunity. 

When applying, be mindful that any content that is even a least bit plagiarized will be rejected straight-away. The guest writers are requested to submit the content that is proofread and free from plagiarism. You will be hearing from us within 3 days’ time if your content is selected by the editor for publishing. 

Contact Us

Send your proposals at [email protected] 

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