Designing Cars with Artificial Intelligence & 3D printing

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Des-Ai focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Additive Manufacturing, which can be used to design cars and other mechanical parts more quickly and for less money. Artificial Intelligence and Additive Manufacturing can work faster and more efficiently. AI’s power will come from how quickly it can look at a lot of data and suggest changes to how things are made. 

A designer can then choose which changes to make based on this data. After the designs are finished, the 3D printing or “Additive Manufacturing” phase begins. It eliminates all the waste that comes with making things because it only uses the amount of needed material. As a result, the procedure is both more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you are an automobile enthusiast, you should look for automobile Designing Courses Eligibility.

Nature Is the Real AI

Nature, you know, competes very fiercely for material and energy through trial and error and evolution. That is why those constructions have material where it is needed and none where it is not just like the structure of a leaf, the inside of bone marrow, or other organic materials. A big company that makes cars will have its load cases, road durability cases, and other things. Say the machine is running these cases and packing materials from a database that has already been physically tested against all of these different load cases. The next step is then building a structure. Now that you have the best structure for the case, the least amount of material is used. This means you are reducing mass as much as possible while still meeting performance requirements. And this kind of super-efficient design is also used in the standard car parts that won’t hold it together.

Des-Ai Can Help Increase Market Demand

It can take a significant car company years or even decades to design, engineer, and build a car from scratch. It takes the work of a lot of people to make it happen. Also, standard molding methods waste a lot of material when designing and making parts. So, the prices of cars will go up. Des-Ai could design and build a car more cheaply and with less waste, making it more practical for people and better for the environment.

Investments Are Being Made By Big Brands in Des-Ai

In the past few years, many big car companies have started investing money into AI and 3D printing. Recently, Porsche has been looking into how they can make their pistons lighter without sacrificing strength. After designing the part in Computational engineering, the designs for the experiment pistons were printed. They were then carefully looked at and scanned to find any flaws.


Risks would be high in the early years. Building and keeping a team of Material Science Engineers, Artificial Intelligence developers, Automobile Designers, and Mechanical Engineers would cost about one crore per month. The whole project would need a lot of money because Additive Manufacturing machines (SLM 800) that can do this kind of work cost up to 2 crore rupees (US$ 250000). Plus, making the AI software and researching to find the best possible and best-suited material is also a big part of this journey. AI has the potential to improve both to assist in all these areas. People also look out for AutoCAD Course For Mechanical Engineering.

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