Serverwala’s VPS hosting Indonesia : Plans and Features

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Serverwala’s VPS hosting Indonesia Overview: Plans and Features

Serverwala is the most known and trusted VPS Server Indonesia provider for a long time.If you have a website ready to host online then you must be wondering can a VPS server meet your expectations and increase your website’s overall performance.

A VPS server is loaded full of features and advantages, that can easily help in growing any business website at ease. And here in this article, we will give you some more details about that as well.

If you are one of those persons who think that shard and VPS Jakarta both are the same then you are pretty wrong in that. There is a lot of difference between these two hosting types and 

Read till the end to know more about that.

The Glimpse of VPS hosting Indonesia

VPS IS a virtual server that is a separate part of a dedicated server. Everyone who uses a VPS has its private resources and space on the main server.

VPS Indonesia has the following features-

  • Scalability
  • High security
  • Root access
  • Privacy
  • OS Options
  • Control panel installation option
  • Customizations at ease

there are many more things like its cost is not high as a dedicated server and it can handle a lot of traffic and fluctuated traffic easily.

How Does VPS Be Different From Shared Hosting

Shared hosting contains too many problems with it. Because it’s a total shared environment. You have to share every features and resource that is allotted by the main server with other users. And if any other partner website faces high traffic or consistent traffic then it affects your website as well. There is a high risk that your main server can be crashed by overloading traffic.

On the other hand, VPS Hosting Indonesia gives you that privacy you want and need for your website you just share some part of a dedicated server, and with that, you can grow your website easily without worrying about any other site.

Details of Serverwala Best VPS Hosting Indonesia 

Serverwala provides VPS Hosting Indonesia with so many advantages along with the server.

They will give you world-class experience in web hosting and you can host your business website on serverwala’s VPS server without any hesitation.

The advantages you get from Serverwala’s VPS Indonesia-

  1. The Guarantee of Uptime- 

With serverwala, you will get a 99.90% uptime guarantee and your server will always remain awake to send data to the users.  And they will get the best website experience by that.

  1. Security of data server-

Serverwala has technical experts, who do the server monitoring consistently so no one can into the data center to breach your server security also they do time to time security updates as well.

  1. Customer support-

Serverwala gives you a world-class experience of support service because they are available for you 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, so if you ever face a problem in your server then it will be resolved within minutes.

  1. Dedicated IP-

Serverwala gives you a dedicated IP along with the VPS Indonesia server. It helps google crawlers crawl your site and rank your site on google without any problems. It also gives you the administration to use your server from anywhere just by credentials.

  1. Operating system choice-

Serverwala has lots of plans and packages for different operating systems and they provide you with Cheap VPS Indonesia with the freedom to choose OS for your server.

  1. Control panel-

Serverwala gives you a control panel along with the VPS server you can choose a control panel as you feel comfortable using in your Best VPS Hosting Indonesia.

Plans of VPS Hosting  provided by serverwala

Serverwala gives you different plans for different operating systems here are the pricing details-

Linux VPS Hosting Indonesia

linux VPS plans

Windows VPS Hosting Indonesia

vps windows plans


VPS Hosting Indonesia is a great option to boost your business and serverwala is the best data center solution provider to get a VPS Indo hosting from.

So don’t wait, go to serverwala’s website and choose a plan today.

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