The things that you need to be aware when you are visiting Mumbai for the first time

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visiting Mumbai for the first time

Mumbai was and is still one of the most prominent cities of India. It is termed as the commercial capital of India. The Arabian Sea is located on one side of the city and for centuries the place has been a trading town. The crowded, bustling metropolitical hub would be nucleus and hardly it is a matter of surprise that the place attracts tourists. So next time when you visit Mumbai there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind so as to make your visit better.

Notorious traffic

The city of Mumbai is known for its notorious traffic during the peak or rush hours. In the morning the traffic is at its worst from 8 to 10 in the morning from the suburbs to the south of Mumbai. Ideally you should be starting your journey between 4 to 5. After 5.30 the roads from South Mumbai towards the suburbs are packed and it is a nightmare to travel.

North and South

South Mumbai along with the suburbs are one of the distinct areas in the city. The place starts once you cross Bandra and proceed towards Mahim. The BandraWorli sea link happens to be a bridge over the Arabian sea which will be taking you from Bandra to Worli and is known to save a lot of time.


The airport in the city is known as ChhatrapatiShivaji international airport. It may turn out to be a bit confusing for the first-time travellers as there are a couple of terminals T 1 and T 2. In face some of the best hotels in Mumbai are situated near to the airport. At T1 all the domestic flights take off and at T 2 you can witness the international flights take off. But there are a few domestic flights that land and take off at T2. So, if you are going to travel within the country from Mumbai, be aware about the airlines that you are taking and which place it is going to take.

No selfie zones

Since the mortality rates are high in India due to selfie zones, the police have gone to declare around 16 non selfie zones in Mumbai. These places are really dangerous where you will be taking a phone and clicking images. So, make it a point that you avoid these areas and keep off from any trouble.


Searching for an accommodation in Mumbai is an easy task. There are some noted online websites that make the task easier to book a hotel accommodation. Even if you have planned your visit at the last minute, these services make sure that there is a roof over your head when you visit Mumbai.

Cab services

The cab services via an online route are extremely popular in Mumbai. Uber and Ola top the list. Cabs are easy to book and you can rent them for a day if you do not want to encounter the hassle of booking a cab for the entire day. Even when you are exploring the city it may turn out to be a great advantage. There is no better option than exploring the city via a cab.

Helpful residents

The people of Mumbai are really helpful. It is rare that when you ask people for help, they are going to behave rudelyYou are going to meet helpful people who are more than willing to help you on all counts. Even the locals are known to extend all possible help to the people from other parts of the city.

Tropical weather

Mumbai happens to be a coastal town, and on an average the sea elevation is above 46 metres. What it means is that Mumbai has a warm and topical climate all through the year. Even during the winter months, the day time is warm. If you are planning to stay in the city it is necessary to carry light and cotton clothes.

The trains

There is no way denying the fact that trains are the lifeline of the people in Mumbai. The trains are known to have a footfall of 2.6 billion people every year. Mostly the trains are packed in the morning and the evenings. You can purchase a two- way ticket, but if there are no tickets available you need to hip hop to move over to the various parts of the city. The place also has a metro railway along with mono rail connecting certain parts of the city.


They are a three-wheeler vehicle that is pained black and yellow seen in the city of Mumbai. It is a viable alternative to reach from point A to B in the city. The drivers are sweet and would help you with the directions. The best way to get in touch with them is shout as they are known to run by meter in Mumbai. So, the chances of cheating in terms of fares are on the lesser side. Take note of the fact that rickshaws will not be running beyond Bandra.

Monsoon is known to create havoc

Monsoon tends to be a difficult season in Mumbai, and every year the coastal seasons experiences a lot of rainfall. Football is common and traffic tends to be really worse and even the trains come to a standstill. If you are planning to explore the city it is always better to choose a different season apart from monsoon.

Ferry services

There are ferry services to nearby islands like Elephanta caves and Alibaug which departs from the dock area in South Mumbai. It turns out to be a cost- effective way to reach the places in Mumbai. Since the city happens to be a commercial and an entertainment hub there are numerous events that take place in this part of the world. There are various platforms where you can obtain a lot of information about the various events happening in the city.

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